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Welcome to NEWS Icontest.

This is an icon contest community where you can participate with the NEWS icons you made to a specific theme. You don't need to be a graphics program expert to submit icons, everyone is very much welcomed.

Winners are chosen by the community members and they get a banner as an award.


★ You must be a member to participate.
★ Your icon must show a member of NEWS (including Uchi Hiroki and Kusano Hironori)
★ Icons must be brand new and your own work. You must not show it to anyone until the results come out.
★ Each icons have to meet the LJ requirements: the maximum size is 100x100 pixel and 40kb or less.
★ Animated/movie icons are not allowed to keep the chance to win fair.
★ You may submit a maximum of 3 icons.
★ If you break the rules, you're disqualified from the theme.


The replies to the Submission Posts are set 'SCREEN' so no one except the moderators will see your icons.

When submit, you have to use this format:

URL: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b155/marlenem/icons/popolo0607_pi_001.png

Voting format:
1st place: #
2nd place: #
3rd place: #
Special Category: #

The voting is based on a vote system:
Your choice of 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place 2 points and 3rd place 1 points.

On Mondays a new theme is posted.
From Monday to Friday you may submit your icons.
On Fridays, the voting entry is posted
and the results are announced a week later.

Mod Rotation
Banner maker Rotation


Maintainer - ladylenne
Moderators - kinoko, silver881, xperfect_lines
Banner makers - eddictedd, silver881, sweetscraze, cinnamonstarr, starmuffin_news
★ We're looking for banner makers! If you wish to become one, please comment here.

Layout codes - minty_peach
Layout header - orangeka
Profile codes - marlenem


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